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Nicholas Chistiakov is a contemporary Belarusian-American Artist whose oeuvre ranges from photo-based paintings to deconstructivist paintings and to geometric abstraction. Chistiakov studied painting at the Belarusian State Academy of Arts in Minsk. His first mature works were a series of paintings depicting museum scenes which he produced in New York. Chistiakov moved in New York in 2004. More recently he developed style which combines abstraction with representation which he defined as deconstructivism. His output includes portraits, landscapes, figurative compositions, animal paintings, cityscapes, seascapes, still lifes, nudes, abstract paintings, sculptures. Website contains archive of his earlier works from 1999 to present. Website features 9 languages, of which English, Russian and Belarusian are complete human translation and the rest rely on automated translation. Please navigate through galleries to find: drawing, photo based painting, painting, abstract painting, sculpture, photography. Works also listed chronologically. With the requests of acquisition of particular work(s) of art please feel free to contact us via e-mail: or Guest book. On a website you can also find blog - magazine featuring posts on the contemporary art happening in New York, as well as biographical info on important contemporary and historical artists and art collectors.

ABSTRACT PAINTING - There is several lines of abstract paintings for the artist. Accidental abstraction, decorative abstraction, grids and paintings involving mirrors.
Accidental abstraction is a works created by the chance, using squeegee applied to oil or acrylic paint.

DRAWING - Works from beginning of his career which demonstrate traditional treatment of media and form to more advanced examples using more contemporary approach to content and form, minimalist compositions executed by few well defined pencil lines

PAINTING - There is no tragedy and horror in art without this happening in lives of the artists. Affected by the stress and negative events of his life artist finds himself detained in psychiatric hospital in 2007. Afterwards he began to work on series of paintings featuring monsters, horror, death, murder and other dark sides of life. This style wasn't familiar to him. Photorealism was replaced by the abstracted treatment of reality. Later he would describe this style as deconstructivism.

PHOTO BASED PAINTING - Started by the artist in 2005 those are excellent examples of traditionally beautiful pictures. Many of this photorealist paintings featuring museum interiors, interplaying contemporary dressed visitors with old masters paintings in the backgrounds. His style is smooth and delicate. Slightly blurred effect brings to memory same of Gerhard Richter and in same time reminds photos from old family albums.

PHOTOGRAPHY - Artist using photography extensively in preparation for his paintings. Sometime preparatory photographs becoming independent works of art.

SCULPTURE - Artist experiments with contemporary sculpture which exist mostly in preparatory sketches.